Completion at Bilton Road

At Bilton Road, we recently completed 105 apartments for affordable rent and private sale, for Network Homes; providing much needed affordable housing for the local community in Perivale.

The handover represented the culmination of a truly collaborative experience, where we worked closely with Network from the inception of the design, through planning and onto the delivery phase to provide a high quality, great value, buildable solution to a tricky former industrial site.

As the scheme came to a close, Mark Bowron, Project Manager for Bilton Road, and Shane Mackintosh, Contracts Manager, reflected on the work.

Shane Mackintosh

Mark Bowron

What did you enjoy most about the project?

The aspect we enjoyed most was the collaborative working environment between the Employers Agent, and the Client. This helped streamline progress and led to a positive working environment overall.

Could you provide us with some of the positive interactions you experienced over the project?

The most positive interactions were with Ealing Council, with local Councillors visiting Bilton Road on a number of occasions. We have stayed in touch and one councillor is now on two other Bugler Developments schemes, continuing the connection.

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Hover over the image above and click the arrows to scroll through gallery

What are you most proud of at the end of the project?

The thing we are most proud of is the positive feedback from residents and client (Network Homes) management, this culminated in several visits from their directors to see progress of the works. 

What are you taking from this project on to your next one?  

The ability to work with each client and to try and exceed their expectations. Bilton Road has certainly provided great experience for us.