What We Do



For close to 35 years, we have had a singular focus on delivering quality homes in London and the South East.

Many of these developments are located on brownfield sites which means they do not come without their own problems.

This means we are well versed in tackling even the most complex logistical problems which can involve anything from; archaeological investigations, ground conditions, Japanese knotweed, contamination, site constraints and existing services.  KEW BRIDGE CASE STUDY

These complexities call for a deep level of expertise and technical knowledge which we have built up over many decades together with a strong network of loyal suppliers, consultants and subcontractors, many of whom have worked with us since our inception.

We approach each project with the same highly driven approach from concept phase to completion, pulling together reliable teams, overcoming obstacles, and delivering projects via a mix of traditional and modern construction methods.

Above all else, we’re just really easy to work with, and as we offer everything in-house – from land acquisition, construction, sales and aftercare, it makes life simple for our partners.