Bugler sites are now operational, with a number of initiatives, rules and procedures to protect our workforce, visitors and the general public.


Paul Lloyd – Bugler Site Manager at our Barnet Homes site “Sheaveshill Court’ reports:

“On returning to site ahead of our operatives, we were faced with the difficulty of rethinking the way we manage an already logistically challenging site with many space and access restrictions already presented to us. The team at Sheaveshill sat down with the Construction Leadership Council’s Site operating Procedures and quickly realised that the key to enforcing was to look at what people would do naturally; such as wanting to ignore the one way routes and take shortcuts. We spent a whole day walking the various routes that the operatives would face in their day to day tasks, I’m sure it would have been entertaining to watch as the Bugler team endlessly walked down walkways in groups practicing social distancing and becoming stuck as we ended up almost meeting at various pinch points until we had it right. The result in less than a week is an operational site provided by a workforce that has adjusted incredibly well to taking measures to protect themselves and colleagues.”

Mitchell Cooper – Bugler Site Manager at our Barnet Homes site ‘The Croft” reports:

“Since our return to site, we have made simple but effective changes to ensure work can continue safely and efficiently. Whilst working in line with the Construction Leadership Council’s Site operating Procedures, we have also put in place additional measures. These include; extra hand washing and welfare facilities, one-way routes around site, one person in a unit at a time, specialist cleaning for welfare facilities, taking the temperature of workers and visitors on-site prior to entry.
This has been well received and adhered to by everyone visiting our sites, we will continue to monitor the situation and make any changes that we feel are necessary.”

Tom Branagh  – Associate Director Building Consultancy at Hunters following visiting the sites commented:

“The planning, delivery and the management of additional safety procedures for protection and consideration of the local community, site operatives and Bugler staff was exemplary and well above current industry standard.
The knowledge and commitment displayed by Paul, Mitch and their teams was reassuring for the safe project delivery considering the current challenges.
There is clear and visible Bugler senior management leadership evidenced and being displayed at site level.”

All Bugler sites have adopted a robust regime to ensure the health and safety of our workforce, visitors and the general public is a priority.