Partners Signpost & One YMCA receive £5,000 start-up funds during Mental Health Awareness Week from the Bugler Foundation for innovative digital Mental Health First Aid Training

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing two partnering Watford based charities have recognised the increased need to be on hand for the most vulnerable young parents and families struggling to manage the challenges of self-isolation and the added stress due to furlough or loss of income.
The new project will deliver digital Mental Health First Aid Training via web-based apps.

After identifying a need for this training, Signpost counsellors and members of the One YMCA family team will support families by giving young parents the tools to better cope and help them identify when additional support is needed. The project aims to avert or prevent a crisis and the need for clinical intervention.
Young parents under the age of 25 years will be able to access the training by pre-booking live and web-based video sessions through digital apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Andy Bugler, Group CEO said, “Charitable donations and giving back to the community is and always will be part of Bugler’s DNA.  Coincidentally, this innovative project aligns with our own corporate social responsibility in supporting our employee’s physical and mental health well-being. We are delighted to donate the start-up funding for the project during ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ because of our understanding of the pressures on young parents during these difficult times coupled with the belief that Signpost and One YMCA will effectively deliver the programme”.