Frimley Former Children’s Centre, Surrey
63 houses and flats for keyworkers and for sale
Client: Thames Valley Housing
Completion Date: April 2017
Budget: £10,820,336
Procurement: RP Tendered
Local Borough: Surrey Heath Borough Council
Employers Agent: Artelia
Architect: Darnton B3

Located on the former Frimley Children’s Centre site, the scheme houses a locally listed building which was originally the Frimley Cottage Hospital. The development consists of 10 refurbished flats in the former children’s hospital and 43 new flats, maisonettes and duplexes and 10 four bed houses. Twenty-nine of the flats and duplexes will be for key workers based at the local hospital and managed by the local NHS Trust. The remaining ten four bed houses and twenty-four flats will be for outright sale.